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yes. its called “mini liranium”


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it does. theres little difference too lul


sadly my “POTATO PC” cant run adobe programs(even gimp too). so i did this remix with mspaint and paint.net
anyways i tried something :slight_smile:


get a chromebook and i will make a tutorial on how to make vids


Try pixlr my boi, it’s good


My pc has 2009 cnfig and can run both programs tho.


Off topic lads.
But mine is 2017


my pc has software problems and it cannot formatted. also with 32bit system its useless.

edit: it finally opened gimp :+1:


did i already send in my competition? if not… here it is…
Flux Rifle


Not true, every PC can be formatted independent of any software, even if it’s not working.

You only need the formating disk.

That’s just not true. :)

Mine is 32-Bits too.

Glad to see. If you need any help feel free to ask me or Xzyckon.


i have a weird pc but i’ll dont worry about it because i’ll use my father’s pc;)


Honestly, this doesn’t look to muhc like something from supermechs…

You should probably use a different program than google drawings. It is more precise, and it could turn this concept into something very good.


i dont know one do you have one i can you provide me with one


I am not sure myself

For now, I think it might be best to draw on paper, make it 3D looking (keep it simple- too much detail will cloud it up!)
Also you might want to use drawing pens, as they don’t smudge and come out on camera better than pencil
Finally, make sure you take a picture with good lighting and a decent camera, like a phone, not webcam.

(For online programs, you can probably ask someone like Killin, they might know)


It’s not about the program, it’s the way he colour, and the fact that he never applies perspective on his drawings.


If anything goes against this please flag it so that moderators are aware. We can then deal with it appropriately. No need to diverge the whole thread for the mistake of 1 user.


Something I made, It sucks and I got the idea (Actually all of it) From WWR, Hope it’s good


its not green :confused: but good try


Shhh… Patience… It shall turn green Later .-.


2D wwr…
fit perfectly :grinning: