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Wait, sorry, i fixed it:


oh okay that makes sense okay then will do a hand then thanks


i am ready to go i call it titan or dictator

which name

  • titan
  • dictator

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Symbol 1

Why the heck not, aye KilliN?


oh winz would beat my drawing i did my under an hour i will try improvements


Change Log:

New score system!

How it works:

Entries gives you 10 points.
Gold medals gives you 30 points.
Silver medals gives you 25 points.
Bronze medals gives you 20 points.

Scores are updated at the end of the contest.

More players will appear on the Hall Of Fame!

Only the best 5 scores will be automatically show, but clicking the “Sholl All” you can see every player that participated of any contest, and their scores.


Did you code this all so it’s automated or do you still have to manually enter the points?


Everything is coded. :D



This is my entry


Bring it on, brother.




Feel free to improve it, i think you still can make it awesome.


Done…My final design, not too much of a difference but yeah…


welp. i failed. im still curious on what weapon i should enter…
what should i enter with?

  • Electric Weapon
  • Heat Weapon

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Both weapons can be found in Supermechs Sandbox


I think you can’t enter with sprites posted on sm sandbox


i made them over the weekend


My Entry


So boring is supermechs, which require parallel and additional competition
in the forums. to try to make it entertaining. :persevere::disappointed_relieved::zipper_mouth_face:


just make a gun sword <3


That is awesome!!!