-=- Sprite Contest #6 -=- Vote for the winner!


Good luck…


are we ready to start another one


i got 3rd place!!! :star_struck:
wow first sprite i’ve done and i got 3rd
i am planning on making more but they take a lot of time so i guess i’ll mostly hand-draw if i have time


Winners the contest! (#3)

@XDiego +30

@MCG_567_YT +25

@HunterKnight +20

Special thanks for participating:

@Kn0Tn0YT +10
@Brennankawamura +10

Winner Sprite:




about expected.
Well im not going to make anymore sprites because I am at a huge disadvantage here.


No one here started with amazing sprites, everyone had their bad times and worked to improve…


Heres the thing.
I am a better hand drawer than a computer drawer.
And I am on a school chromebook so I don’t have a sprite making program on here.
And plus I never had experience with it either. THAT’S my disadvantage.
The computer drawings are better than hand drawings for how clear they are.
That’s why i don’t even try. If I tried on my drawings it would take me a real long time. When I mean long, a few months at most to make anything impressive.


That’s the problem, you don’t try.

I’m sure you can make something good in less than 24h, google is here for it!

You can search for thing like Sci-fi Weapons, you will find a lot of good inspirations for making sprites.

That’s not true, @SeanChoi1870 got 2nd place with a great hand drawn.



U even reading it.
I said I was on a school chromebook so I can’t download anything.
I don’t try because there is no point in trying.


I also didn’t told you to download anything.
Do you even know what is GOOGLE IMAGES?


You mean google drawings.
Yeah I used to use it but I don’t use it for it got me… I guess you could say bad drawings.


No dude you are the one who isn’t reading here, i said SEARCH ON GOOGLE.


You actually don’t know how to use google, seriously.


I thought copying it off of the internet was cheating =_=




Is that hard to understand?


When you said Sci Fi I thought that was a program ya know =_=
And I don’t have any inspirations as of right now.


That’s why i told you to look for weapons on google


Yeah. I know.
But im not motivated to do that rn anyway.
I have keystone exams comin up and I don’t want anything not related to it.


so is it only hand drawings now please say yes


Whatever u want, bc if i allow hand drawns only, people wont enter.


oh so then only hand drawings because this getting confusing