-=- Sprite Contest #6 -=- Vote for the winner!


ok I’ll make a new one…




That looks great…but it sort of looks like mine then again it doesn’t


I’ll be finish my hand drawing later


I didn’t copy from you,I didn’t look in the forum when I made that


I never said you copied me, I just said it looked sort of like mine


I am pretty sure that @SeanChoi1870 Need’s to chose only 1 PIC
Thank me later.


you kidding me?..


K soz.
Im kinda cringie when i read fanart
Dont kill me


it’s fine…

I will find you, and I will…not kill you…


Ur sarcasim me.
Back off besh.

It’s a joke


I didn’t know what else to write instead of ‘kill you’


Pretty much 20 words are killin you.
Now please i dont want to be here.


Can I post the new,original sprite here first then forward it to Sandbox?
(So you can see it’s factory new and then showcase it in the general thread?


Of course when I make a contest (And I have made one similar to this) no one pays attention, then when someone very famous in the forums make it, every one is attracted to it as if they are the south side of a magnet and the thread is the north side of the magnet. Sigh For Real? And yes I am joining it. I am going to lose but do I care no cuz I am washed up at pathetic these days.



Can you not? Stealing others’ work should get people banned here.


do we have to put the weapon states


Can I upload a sprite that I already posted in the sandbox. If not ok.


he told me no earlyer