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I asked to be hand made not because it’s faster, but because suposed to be fair to everyone, but i’m not going with this idea.

Feel free to make how you want to.


lol now you bring it up


Well 100% revived this theme 100% real and not false

  • cough cough


Come on every one one every one of you can draw you all have any artist in you so lets get drawing just wanted to say something inspirational


cough cough not very insprational


wow very funny i just wanted to get more drawings in


whateves. im done with these scams. i never won anything in my life, and i more than definitely never will


no keep trying good things will come
here let disco bot give you a fortune
@discobot fortune
see disco bot says yes to what i said


:crystal_ball: Yes


@discobot fortune you lying?


:crystal_ball: Ask again later


He probably lies.


We don’t need a judge on the thread.


No, dont. i kept my word and im out. just face it, 96% of earths pop hates me.


Stop spamming the thread with useless stuff, if it’s going to die, at least don’t make it off topic.


thank you for telling them i will flag them


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  • MCG_567_YT
  • XDiego
  • HunterKnight

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I thought only hand drawn



Oh…didn’t read that…or maybe I did but forgot