-=- Sprite Contest #6 -=- Vote for the winner!


omg thanks bro! that is awesome that i get a cool compliment XD
yes this is my entry


Don’t tag me, i saw your post.


damn XD


you saw it


@L4K3 you said my creations were awesome… so… FEAST YOUR EYES ON MY REMIX ABOVE!!!


also killin, i want you to remaster it so i can see how you would design it. mk?


Hot damn,it looks (un)godly.
These are the legs of some really ferocious alien creature.


XDDD thanks bro. it was requested


now that you say that… its giving me a torso idea :slight_smile:
i will make a torso that matches those legacy tappers…
Tappings Legacy Legs
electrified stompers


Wait, are you allowed to post it in the Super Mechs Sandbox and use it for the contest?




When someone post an image here, i always search it on google so i can see when was the first time the image was ever posted.

But if you want to make a sprite and post on both topics, there is no problem, i don’t see why not.


Guess who’s back.



Lol yes i know thancc




i guess every one else thinks the sprite masters will win


i got something!!!
i worked on it for a couple of weeks…

SuperMechs- Sprite idea 1


On next contest, only hand drawn will be accepted, that’s it.


@KilliN Can you enter my drawing?


It seems that the universe does not want it to be in the contest :’|


What’s happening, you can’t upload?