-=- Sprite Contest #6 -=- Vote for the winner!


i made this thing the same day i remixed that twisted flux. so it should be eligible


Bro, I don’t get why you want KilliN to remake yours… They are already fabulous!


They look “infernal”.
I luv 'em!


well im interested to see what he will do with em. and thanks @Winz_Kay and @L4K3


Jesus you know what?

I like your drawings.


thanks! but all i do is cut up weapons and throw the pieces together


You got good at it then :smiley:


i choose the base, then i find parts on weapons that i think ill like then i throw em on there. its not planned at all or anything


thanks bro! you should see my first remix… its not that good XD


You should have seen MY first trial.
What an atrocity!

Shuddup,bro.You’re doing great.


XD thx bro


But not when you can’t use computer. :slight_smile:

I only leave bed for bathroom…


remasterize this @KilliN


I will, if you win.

Also don’t tag me, specially because i made the topic so i will see it anyway.


Oh man…that is




i got something amazing. you can have that as an entree but it will be on supermechs sandbox


You can post in both topics. :slight_smile:


electrified stompers
but of course when remastered, i want it purple XD


Well, does this even need a remasterization? That’s awesome.

This will be your entry?