-=- Sprite Contest #6 -=- Vote for the winner!


I guess I should hand draw.
COmputer drawing SUCKS DIC.K


It varies between different people, and also depends on the program you use…


i know but still i only got 1 vote


More than 0


i know but still low


I would be thankful for that vote


yah i guess so last time i got non


#Ineverwinanything #ofcourse


03 PM
orb verson of the appocolipys i dont know how to spell it


I do not see it form … :confused:
It looks like a jail grid but do not get offended please :expressionless:


i guess so the lines would get to small to place


Here. I drew mine.
I think ima just call it dull shot.
Because it is dull and colorless.

Dull Shot

28 AM


Actually,I like graphic animating better than the regular sheet and pencil.


You know what it looks like?
A set of stairs looked at from the above :slight_smile:



I’m sick and I need to stay in bed, I’ll create the winner’s sprite when I’m healthy, thanks for the patience.


entries are once again open. and i won 2nd place. hmm… well i had a tad bit of trouble recently so it may take some time for me to make one


Your health is more important than a drawing.
Please take all the time you need,rest and get better.
It’s more than okay,my friend.


Me too…I have to finish that Hell Serpent wallpaper I’m making amd I also have to work on my story…


XD not that kind of trouble. My SD card took a dump on me
i need to redownload that .zip file


Drawing would be something I do when I’m sick

Great fun hobby

Looking forward for it though! Do my brother good bro