-=- Sprite Contest #6 -=- Vote for the winner!


come on now mines in 3rd XD


wait i just replied to a person not the topic.




Fourth Place Dam.
Only a bit more…
Yeah I zoomed it in.


at least its better than not getting any i know my drawings are trash yo guys dont have to hide it from me


Made a remake of your drawing.
Its all purple because I don’t have a pencil o.o
36 PM


looks like washing machine lol


its supposed to look like a giant artillerly top weapons


oh yeah I see what you mean.


Another question!
If two people have the same percentage of votes,do they both get the same quality medal?


This will never happen, belive me.

Ok this may happen, yes to what you said.


Winners of this contest (#2)





Special thanks for participating:


Winner Sprite:


(L4K3 inherited the win.)



oh i am not supprised my drawings suck :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


A HUGE thank you to you guys,for supporting me.
But that 10-minute-concept of a weapon does not deserve the master’s remake.

I’d like to pass the remake to @SeanChoi1870 if possible;that thing is way too gorgeous and solid.


Thanks man…really appreciate that

:blush: <3 <3


Nah,for real.
I think it deserves to be animated.
That’s a piece of artillery right there!


From my view point it shows that sometimes the simple is the best. :slight_smile:



Thank you.
Both lines!

I can’t wait to see it (good luck re-making it,master).


time to go make another horrible drawing nobody likes


Lmao don’t be like that.