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It has 4 guns but only does 4 damage…:relieved:


Ima make a hand drawing of my old one. Kinda want to compare those 2 out of computer drawing and my really (not) skillful hand drawing skills xD


Nah. At mythical probably at around 150 damage. 150 x 4 is 600 damage per round.
WHich is more than a magmablast shot.
But the energy cost has to be like through the roof.
Maybe 100 - 150 energy cost and 100 heat cost


Energy cost = 176


My drone is a pure OP weapon which does 1000 dmg per turn without any heat / energy cost

you can Thank me later when you get it in game :+1:


Thank you,mate!
I’ll try to do something but I doubt I’ll have the time to color it.
Even so,I’ll post it in due time.


Naaah…too OP…it will probably be around -50 damage and 17364 heat/energy cost

I am kidding


it was pretty good last time with out color


χρόνος para أنا to спать

the person who decodes this gets 1k tokens

I’m just kidding but you can still try


This was blurred for a reason dude



This was made in less that 10 minutes.I don’t have the time to modify and make it pretty so this has to do for now.
I’ll also post it in Sandbox because why not.


this drone special ablility is to fly into the buildings


yay vote time i cant wait


Wait until he gets on.
I’m also a little excited (even though I shouldn’t be as my 9-min rushed sprite looks horrible though good for that amount of time,still not good enough compared to the others’).
Hihi ^^


i know just so exited


Vote for the best 3!


yay voting finally not to sound in a mean way


Lol @Merciful voted for himself (Or herself?)
42 AM
37 AM


You can if you want lol
It just won’t be counted by KilliN


Yeeeah I know xD
Just found it funny tho


Poor me , no one else voted for me :cry:

Ok , the next person who votes for me gets my vote :stuck_out_tongue: