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i just made this last night fixed it10 AM


10 PMthis part reminds me of a Z crystal in pokemon sun and moon


what it does nothing is wrong with that


Just because it supposedly looks like something from pokemon you want to change it? What’s the bloody problem Lol.


Because it’s an anime

Just like what you’re doing right now, it’s called drama. :)


Enought of this on this topic.

It’s not about Pokemon.


This is my entry


To let you know, If this one ^ does not win this time, I will be taking it. Lol Good Luck Sean :grin:




Two more participants and we are finished!


Sorry man,but you posted this in Sandbox…


Just pointing things out because I haven’t yet finished mine :laughing:


Not a problem since he posted on both topics at the same time, i just don’t want people to bring back sprites they made like 1 month ago…


export (7)


U have “2” choose 1 xD
(And there are 2 ways of saying that. Oh no did I just make a horrible joke?)


i think its cool dude.


One more, guys!

Where are you @L4K3!


Do you really need 1 more? I’m clearly the winner anyways. So I don’t think it matters now


Yep. The plane is the biggest of them all, so it can oneshot everything :wink:


It has 4 guns!! It’s the most powerful drone


Oh , and btw its not a plane as long as you don’t look at it upside down