Sprite artist recognition by TS for resume


I suppose many like me aspire to a career where design is something in common, so more beneficial for a sprite artist than something unique to the community would be better a recognition that he can add among his achievements in his resume, that the design x sprite, in x game, is more useful than something visual, they would know that you have experience, they understand me is the best thing that could be done to reward them


So you want to put “Animator Designer” in your resume and if it’s been put in a game (supermechs) then you want to be able to say “Sprite Designer for Games - including Supermechs”


more or less, it is much more beneficial when taking a job will help you more than just a decoration for the forum


That’s actually a very great idea… and why not? Just say you are, what’s stopping you?


the idea needs support to be implemented, I understand that you need to give personal data to be able to give this certification, I hope the developers take it into account, so zarkar and killin could enjoy this benefit and encourage more current and new sprite designers, This community is rich in artists.


Oh, so legal standings


from what i know , if you sign a contract with TS for you to make sprites with them , you will get 500 tokens per item tier.

Like killin made the 4 tier grave diggers , he got 2k tokens.

Idk how it works but i assume its like that


Is that really true?


I actually think that if any of your items are implemented into the game, then that could actually go onto your resume



We dont mean that you get a forum reward for making sprites, we are saying that if some of your sprites are implemented in game, then The devs should give you an official add on to your resume saying for example: “Made graohic designs for popular game supermechs” or whatever, as some people who make sprites here on the forum do want to pursue a career in graphic design


to make a sprite / one design for an item and THE “Graphic Design”, sorry, to all respect what I saw until now, but there are worlds between :exclamation:


That means NOT that I do NOT like many of the new designed items from forum members, some are really awesome, but my brother (bestplayerintheworld in game) works for a design company … so I know a little bit about designing / drawing on a computer :exclamation:


And I put the link in here, so you can feel free to nominate others who made great sprite /designs, not only @Zarkares :exclamation:



The link that Bestplayer leaves here is an attempt to plagiarize my idea. Fortunately developers are aware of it.

This idea does not yet have the approval of developers (which may or may not be granted). Their participation is very important both in voting process and in the way of recognition.

So there is no sense in anticipating events, as Bestplayer has done.

Anyway, @bestplayerintheworld , it´s an honor for me that you are trying to plagiarize my idea, because that means that it´s a very good proposal.

P.S.: and it’s the last thing I’ll say in this topic about this. The idea presented here by @Cuenta_Personal is very good and does not deserve to be messed up with debates that have already been done to the point of getting tired in other topics.


LOL only because you dont like me, or my idea, doesn’t mean it make no sense, so write correct it make no sense for YOU :exclamation:

People and staff members like my idea :exclamation:
And I can make a new theard about great things whenever I want, if you like it or not :exclamation:

Just watch your own business, instead always trying to talk others bad :exclamation:



Anyone think about why devs give us what creat community? NOT THEY!