Spring Metal Legs


So my new I idea are legs called Spring Legs. Now these legs jump high. They have a range of 4. That mean they can jump far and over opponents.

Here are the ideal stats
Physical Legs
Weight: 115
Hit-Points: 400
Range: 1 - 4
Jump: 2 - 4
Damage: 100 - 175

Maybe, just an Idea new thing: It’s always bouncing, so when opponent attacks go back and extra space


me gustaria ver eso en un futuro


Iron Boots have 138 weight for 478 and no other special ability.These legs must have at least 140 weight then.

Noo.Just leave it as range 1.Rannge 1-4 is too unrealistic for a pair of legs.

Jump 2-4 sounds great.
Also,no 1 movement.That way,it has a drawback and would require a little bit of strategy.

You know what?
Let’s give these legs 150 weight,400 hit points and damage comparable to an Annihilation.


Why 140? Then the HP have to be more. The weight is base on how light they are, being able to jump. If anything maybe the HP is to high or slight change needed.


Nice idea!
Some slight modifications…

Weight: 118kg
HP: 378 (more appropriate for weight)
Walk: 1 (as others have pointed out)
Jump: 2-4
Damage: 100-175