Spent 1608 tokens - What I got!

In 6 boxes I found 5 legends
One was Crimson Rapture so now I have 2 of this.
It probably means that I will make heat (I dont really like them).
What was your drop guys?
And what do you think about double crimson double corrupt?

I got a bunch of epics from a couple packs, so rip. But onto the build, it’s not exactly a good one, usually one CR is good with dual CL. Two of each is not always a good thing, plus you’ll need a top wep for longer ranges. And a metric ■■■■ ton of energy to counter energy mechs.

As I thought. Ofc it is lot of maxing do will make one crimson first, then will see. And about weight - it is not currently a problem :wink:

I wasn’t really worried for weight. More about the types of ranges you need to cover, the amount of energy/heat totals you’ll need. And the type of strats you’ll need to use this type of build effectively.

Don’t get me wrong though, weight is a priority. But for now, with just that, it should be fine.

I had saved up a bit over 5k tokens.
Got myself 19 premium packs.

  1. Leg.: Archimonde
  2. Leg.: Platinum Grappling Hook
  3. Leg.: Redeemer
  4. Leg.: Blazing Legs
  5. Leg.: Power Bottoms
  6. Leg.: Avenger
  7. Leg.: Lightning Supporters
  8. Leg.: Lightning Supporters
  9. Leg.: Torment

And those were all legendaries I got…
Every single one a miss except the Platinum Battle Hook.
5k Tokens burnt for nothing!

Anyone beat that in regards to bad luck?

P.S.: I use a heat mech and have 2 different premium hooks now. Now you guess which type of Grappling Hook I do not have as premium item now. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Check this topic, since it’s where most have posted their earnings.

It will be the Heat Monster…it will over heat anyone…unless they have a lot of heat

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6 boxes
1 legendary interceptor
lots of junk