Speed it up maybe?

Okay so this is one next gen idea. Basically its simple but amazing, we either get an option to speed up the campaign battle to 3x-5x or/and have a feature that allows your mech to instantly do a mission its already done before as many times as you can.


So… the x2 but faster or a Sweep option


Exactly :wink: Wouldnt it be useful?


I would like the sweep yes… but the game would become really plain


i like the option of being able to do campaign missions quickly, but being about to do them any faster than 2x would be extremely overpowered.


I agree.
Farming a mission over and over again for this many times gets way too boring.
Plus,we have an autobot.
Why do we still have to wait for it to finish the mission if we still don’t do anything?

I am with the feature of instantly completing a previously completed mission.
Like a “sweep” or “blitz”.


To be honest… I don’t want a sweep option. As much as I like it in other games… I don’t think it works in SM because Sweeping is to speed up everything and all that so you can have time to do other things within the game but there is not much else to do. In this particular game I used to play, you sweep for items that you could use to fuse into players… but SM don’t have things like that.

What overpowered ness are you talking about?

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Awww heelll yeah!

That will make my farming 2 fast

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I’m farming on mission 6 of overlords den and it takes about 2 mins to complete on 2x speed. If I could go to 3x, it would be a min and 30 secs. That’s insanely quick and would make for zero effort to get tons of coins.

sweeping also negates the chances of failing especially on insane missions. because of this, /nosupport

Okay… unless it is a portal and u do refils then it over powered… The devs can ban the feature on such portals(item and gold) and keep it for the regular campaign…

But i doubt the people even care to look at this topic… only banning and flagging and unlisting stuff.

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