Special Quest! NOW LIVE


I also got my epic without playing even one of the 30 pvp.


At least they gave us something,stop crying


Useless as ever.
A disappointment…If these would be different,daily special quests,maybe they’d be worth.
That much time for an epic I can get by farming?No thanks.
Instead of focusing on actually making a constructive difference,you implement these useless things and think about killing ranges and increasing weight for modules,huh?


Welp at least i got an…epic.


Took me 1 hour to anniliate those smurfs to get the box and the reward made me happy


If you see the game in that way,playing sm isn t worth it,f2p have no chance,it s all about luck


got the swoop, …ffs


Just as i expacted.
Geting a legy.

Now you are going to fuqing kill me


They gave you a premium box… be grateful
and the legendary depends on your luck


To me or someone else?

If it is me.
I am greatfull.



Oh please,i m not gonna be gratefull for an epic card,i could get this from a silver box

As i said
Even 10 premium boxes are useles if drop rates are like this


Quite disappointing - but arena was fun :man_shrugging:


No…it wasn’t.

It was a hell full of a smurfs.


I love these special little rewards! Gives me something to do along with a little compensation.
In light of that, the fact that some people are complaining is kinda unusual but ok…


But…The arena…
It’s like the game want’s you to play this for too long.
I’m kinda like that reward but TS please bring an Pack.

Thank you very much.


Dont complain about the win amount, just do it or not. Everybody always gets mad that there is not incentive to do arena, and when A prize comes up for arena people get angry that its too hard.

I dont get it.


I think my head starts to hurt …


That is absolute correct, but the prize should be at least a real prize … 1 Epic … really, why not one garanteed Legendary :question:



i got better prizes from 1 silver pack XD at least a decent epic card


Even if it was epic item, at least something useful and NOT leg food please?
A mass booster or engine would help.