Special Quest! NOW LIVE


Complete it!


Thank you @Sarah247!
For puting me yet again,on the news!


Thanks Cap…


I just realised…this is not an campaign quest anymore…
It’s arena quest.


Special sale xD
This time prize seems to be decent


Yeah… a whole premium box for just 30 wins.


I know right?
This is horrible in my opinion.Now i need to fight those smurfs everysingle time!


What?I don’t think I can farm 30 wins in a day(or not)


I’m not kidding.
Win 30 arena battles and you get an premium box.

Smh i wish if it was premium pacc.


lol, just did 80 wins today

Mainly because of the extra gold


Whoa,the most I did is 86 but for the whole week…


If you are thinking about chat battles?
No.You need to win it at arena battle.


I never do chat battles…
I have 248 wins this week
edit- will break 300, just mythed windigo


Guys i just got an great idea.
Whenever you go to battle.
Quit as always!
The more you quit! The more your enemy is ez!
Wich means small rank right?
Soo when you are done quiting.Then do crash these ez enemies.
Hehehe genious.


thank you for what?

It’s another quest with a premium box and same chance to get legendary (=0,0001%)


I was saying to Sarah for puting me on the news

Then i thanked her.


3 day long special quest , this might be a premium pack.
Its the same thing that happened to bigboy insane achievement , shows a prem box gives a pack.

Ill do it tomorrow since the season ends


its just a box.


Sketch (52)
It’s not…
Even tho i wish…if this would be a premium pack…
That should be an amaizing award!
But hey! Of course not!
Of…course not.



30 wins in 3 days? That means playing at least 20 pvp by day … doesn´t it seem a little exaggerated considering that most likely that box contains only an epic?

Often some of my clan partners say “let’s make 15 wins a day to get the box of 2000” and I say … for what? So much sacrifice to give you an epic that I get much easier in the campaign or opening grey boxes?

If you can assure that that box contains a legendary at least decent, I would gladly make the sacrifice … but play 20 battles a day, lose points in the ranking list and all for an epic, it really is an exaggeration.

Sorry to tell you that, but it’s reality.

  • In addition you got this late, the 5 pvp I did today were not counted.