Special Quest! Now Live!


Complete 10 missions and get 10 tokens!



Just do Drylands 2 fuel mission 10 times lmao

Cheap and Fast af


Ez…but i wont get too much xp lol


Do whichever you want. I’m running that since I could care less for xp.


Why it says “Special Sale” :question:

With a different time than the “Special Quest” :question:


Maybe Ts is too lazy editing lmao.


It should say special.
Can you send me a screen shot of what you are seeing?


I will message you. :slight_smile:


Nvm she meant this…the thing i circled.


EDIT: Thank you!


Done! :slight_smile:


I said it at edit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Thank you!


I have also noticed that it says ‘‘Conqueror’’
Sketch (30)



Idk why the use of that word made me think of other games that give you similiar “quests”.

“You have conquered these lands!”


Smh…ez job…

It’s too ez.


@Sarah247 I have a question!
If this mission is end,it is have a new mission again?(but it is different)



I’d like to ask since people are already spreading misinformation on Kong about Quests. That and the screen above shows them as well.

Will they all be the same? 10 Missions = 10 Tokens?

Or Will they be random, such as 3 fights = 20 fuel, fuse 15 items = 5k gold and so on and so forth?

Hopefully this can be clarified since I’m already tired of people spreading bs


@Sarah247 … sorry … but that is to “high” for me …

  • new “News”

  • a “Special Quest”

  • 24 hours time to “solve”/clear it

… for 10 tokens :question:

Did I miss something :question:


Edit: oh, so this Special Quest start every 24 hours again :question:


How to read special quest infos?


Go to the achievements panel. It’ll be there.


So this all was an one time thing :question:

All that effort (update, advert, playling,etc) for 10 tokens :question:

Or it is a 1 time a week thing :question:

Or I do not know :exclamation: