Special Event (Khan Academy)! with token prize

This is a legitimate event. not a prank or spam.

I am doing a special event. There is a website called Khan Academy. it is an online academy where you can do courses to earn points and badges and get educated as heck for free. to participate, you need to make an account (pre-existing accounts do not count. I will check) The idea is you create an account, join my classroom (I created a classroom for this), do as many courses as you can and I will award tokens to the winners (people with most points) on March 09, 2018

my classroom code is YQCQRBWE. if you are unable to join, please private message me on the forum or Skype or discord, if you have either of those (Im using my kane.bd skype)

1st place - 2000 tokens
2nd place - 1000 tokens
3rd place - 500 tokens
4-8 place - 250 tokens

My purpose in doing this event is to seek out people with certain talents that they currently possess or that they would learn throughout this event (there are a few specific courses I will be looking for the completion of) that I will be offering an opportunity to work together on a project I am currently working on. It is very possible that the people that win won’t be the same ones I am interested in. those 2 are not related.

If you are skeptical about whether the rewards are real or not, just know that I have done something similar several times before and giving out tokens is one of my pastimes


Bump (since relisted). There are currently 3 participants at this moment. Good luck to all


Whay do I do after joining?

Just complete courses and earn points. If you want easy points you can just go over the easy math classes (addition and subtraction) but if you wanna learn something, take one of the courses you want to learn or get practise in to improve. I am doing both. Im competing for points with some ppl i know irl so im doing the ez math classes and going up by difficulty, but i also make sure i pass some quizzes in programming to improve in that.

If I want to participate, I only earn points in any course (I have not yet entered but I would like to)

could you please rephrase that?

current leaderboard for top 3:

  1. @Psi - 21,763 points
  2. @hariscapo - 6,804 points
  3. @Merciful - 2,057 points

pretty good start. and i have made sure all accounts have been created within the last 6 or so hours.

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Ok so I’m supposed to spam and watch some videos to get points?

I already enter your room … I am cuentapublicajj, can I participate? Am I in the contest?

what is the best way to get points

just watch videos right

quizzes are tbh, just find easy ones

not doing this since I don’t have time to farm em tho and I can just buy tokens if i need em

can you buy me some


it was worth a try right

Yes, anyone can participate.

Either watch videos (they are on autoplay, so next one starts after you finish one) or do the easy courses like 1st grade math snd addition and subtraction.

Can I try use my pre-existing one or have you tested it out but it glitches or something?

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To make this fair for everyone i would ask that everyone use new accounts. I have an account that has over 400k points. That wouldnt be fair if i joined with that. I understand your account might not be as far ahead but it would still be somewhat unfair to the participants that just started.

Fair enough… Am I in?

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i am in right
also what are the scores now