Special Boxes Bugs


I buy the ultra mytical n 3 gold boxes i did not get any of it but my tokens got reduced i almost rage


They were probably send to your inventory already.


@MochaLust is right!

Normally it will go straight to your inventory after a refresh.


Sarah why you ban Zion by ip? Deletting hackers account better choose.


@kingblinks the moderators know full well what they are doing. banning by ip makes more sense, so he cant make new accounts.


Oh mate, you dont understand whole system. Ip ban - nosense thing.


Why IP-ban is nonsense? It’s better than just deleting a hacker’s account…


blinks, as far as i remember, you were friends with some of the hackers, so i can understand why you are saying ip ban is bad. it doesn’t let your friends mess with the game.


I would not call reign friends. But they are still playing. Even after banning ip. Like zion.


They could use VPN to change their IP