Spawn position in Raid are fixed now?


Hi guys, IDK if you noticed that the spawn of the Boss in today’s raid does not change. I get constantly spawn in range 1, reloaded it at least 20 times so far, no other positions. Has this changed with the new patch?


It’s been like this since last week. Positions are now fixed. I assume to either help/deter people from refreshing constantly to get better ranges.

So now you have to well, make do with what you get. It’s still easy for the first three tiers. After that it’s upto RNG. I kinda like this new fixed position thing.


we might never know. However, we will have to see


The unfunny / funny part will be, that the cheaters will have again perfect scores at the end of the Raid :exclamation:




It is not just the boss, and btw u can still refresh for RNG dmg (not that i do (that much)).