Spartane Carnage is FIXED + MAX MYTH STATS!

Hellow guyz, I just wanted to share this with you since many people rised questions about Spartane Carnage.

It’s already fixed, so here you go, enjoy! :smile:

Scroll few post down if you wanna check maxed stats!



Can you please show us this monster when you will max it? (Or upgrade to myth - Im curious about shield destruction ;p)

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It will be 257-387 with 15 res drain when maxed. :slight_smile:

Oh, and its weight drops to reasonable levels when transformed. I think they forgot to change the Legendary version’s weight.


oh **** the spartan carnage is too op now why I food mine…

It look like I am going to buy some tokens :o

Or maybe… Not… I am unlucky so it will be waste of money.

I expect the minimum damage will be a tad lower but still pretty good.

This is pretty nice. Like a Nightfall that wasn’t nerfed, but only slightly worse. The only thing that could kill its awesomeness would be the 4-8 range, but it’d be a very good replacement for Reckless Beam if you could fit it.

Its range is 3-6, not 4-8.

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That’s even better than 4-8.

I would like to test double spartan and double annihilation.

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This weapon is good as it is, no need of nerf or buff. Stop saying that all is Op. The only weapon mega Op it’s the valiant sniper. It’s 31 energy cost make it useless against mech if this type.

I’ve seen people have these when I fight them, but I can never get one. Does it happen to be legendary+? Sorry for asking, I’m noobish.

It’s a legendary to myth item, like the Death Punches, Valiant Sniper, Mighty Cannon and so on…)

If it is, then how do you get one? I’ve NEVER gotten any thing above epic in a box before.

First weapon I see that loses weight with transformation. I thought the weight is always the same.

You sure that the lowest damage will be 257? That +75 mostly true for the highest damage but not the lowest.

Fortune boxes that drop from campaign battles (randomly) (and IF you are lucky)

Or you have between a very small chance and a less-small-but-still-very-small chance chance to get it in Premium Boxes or Premium Racks…

It’s how you get legendary-to-Myth only items, WITH A BIT OF LUCK ^^

So it’s pretty much a Nightfall as a top,with the same cost,pretty similar damage,longer range and more resistance drain,huh?
Still not a fan of this…

visto de esa forma, nice weapon DX!

It is simple - mostly lowest damage is equal to +49 from lowest level - if for one level game says +1 it is +1 to max and lowest damage, if game says +2 its +2 to max damage and +1 to lowest damage and finally if game says +3 it is +3 to max and +2 to lowest. I hope that I helped.