Spartan, Tonto, Or Iron Boots?

(current items)

(current mech)

i need help deciding on what i should make mythical

1 tonto,2 iron boots,3 spartan

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Tonto, then legs, then spartan imo


Iron Boots…

Unless you have some “specific” mech setups, they’ll never fail you (and they provide extra HP, something this build most probably needs ^^)

Wha rank are you btw ?

currently rank 10 at the moment

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I’d go for HP with Iron Boots, then Tonto (since your sweet spot for damage is CQC/Close-Range, and thrid Spartan

Could we see your modules setup pls ?

I’m sure about 3 modules:

2 Energy Engines, and 1 Heat Engine, all of them at full (or almost) legendary

yeah meaybe, because his stats are almost to 500… my stats are running to 430…


It was easy for me to find:

There were shown as equipped on his first mech, in the upgrade screen XD

I see yoi have resist.
Do the Boots so they provide you enough hp to last one more round (over 2000 hp with that resistance will make you last an entire new round in which you can do up to half your hp worth of damage).