Spartan carnage

have you ever paid attention to the searching screen in ladder
we always see mythical item mechs only on the search screen
welp i saw millions of times a spartan carnage different from the legendary variant so is there is a myth spartan carnage ??

yup, since not long ago ^^

And I don’t always see myths in the random generated builds screen in ladder…

Check this out:

I had a legendary of these and used it for fusion. Consumes energy. That takes away all the charm, the truth.

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It has become a decent phis wepon now.
It fits well in a decent enegy phis build, be it alongside 2 anihilations, or 1 anihilation and 1 nightfall.
It can also be used in combination ona an energy free phis build, as a substitude of the nighteagle.
Overall a good decent wepon.


I insist on the same always. If you have a weapon that consumes energy, it is only good when you carry mythical HP plates.

Or … if you’re lucky and you don´t get an energy mech

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By the way … I still do not get these HP plates. Will there be a mistake with the codes in my acc?

I’m already looking too weird…

joining that club also…haven’t seen a decent legendary in months.
Last sale only got me a legendary hook, out of 26 premium packs, the rest were tranform materials.
Wonder what to do with them, atm i got all the transform material for another 3 mechs…kinda of sucks…actualy sucks, since it makes item hunting a pain.


If you still try with bought tokens … better to throw the money out of the window :exclamation:

That is 100% more fun, then clicking and getting nothing worth for it :grey_exclamation:


naw, I farmed on a separate ac and then moved the legacy tokens to the new ac and then opened then up…