✨ Nominations for The Helpers of this Forum ✨


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  • Ricemech88
  • Xzyckon
  • Zarkares
  • Andernut
  • Kaen
  • Elcent

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Nominated are …

@Ricemech88 (who did a great job with …)


@Xzyckon (who did a great job with …)


@Zarkares (who did a great job with …)


@Andernut (who did a great job with …)


@Kaen (who did a great job with …)


@Elcent (who did a great job with …)

Instead of just talking about, I did it already …

Nomination :heart: of …

helpers 1


Feel free to add your suggestions, I will add them as soon as possible :exclamation:

And please do not forget to add a link or a description what they did :exclamation:

Please stay topic, to show the respect for them, they did a lot for US :exclamation:


@Sarah247, @Mohadib and @Alexander feel free to use “The Helper” sign which I found, it would fit perfectly for a badge - a special coloured one :exclamation:

VOTE HERE - Replay for RAID - Already 68 Votes!

What about @L4K3?


He made a Clan and is (try to be) nice to everyone and started to help about new players in forum with their questions.

So, he started - not a real reason for me to nominate him.

Do you have better reasons to nominate him, feel free to add it, tell me.



what about my how to farm bosses 1.0?


I feel like @El_Metre deserve mentioning too.

He created a guide that has the same utility as the one of Ricemech, plus he organised the GOAT tournament which I feel is a funny and enjoyable event.


Thank you so much for this!
You made me feel honoured.

However,as @bestplayerintheworld stated,even if I try to be nice and helpful,even if I sometimes write page-long replies about builds and whatever,give advice at the best of my ability,knowledge and so on,I didn’t really do anything that stands out too much…

Sure,I’m very happy that you see me as a helper,but I did not contribute for the community with a thread that had such a big impact…Maybe I had my share of influence over this place,but nothing of that scale (yet).


Yes, I will add him, but not for the thread “how to counter”, because he abused his own thread for a little “vandetta” against LastOfTheWilds and me, I hold him the mirror at his own trying there and so he had to stop.

But yes, he deserve a nomination for the GOAT tournament organisation :exclamation:



Looks good to me! :+1:


Did you just steal @Wepwawet’s job?


We don´t know if this project is approved by the developers, and therefore we are not sure that they want to participate in the voting of the aforementioned members.

Nor have we been told what the recognition consists of, whether or not they have accepted it as a badge, colour kit or whatever.

Therefore once again, Bestplayer, stop messing up proposals of others.


What you do is a farce, nominating forum members and creating a false expectation. All of which has not been approved by developers.

You can make fun of me if you want, I’m impervious, but don´t make fun of all people.


this does not seem like a mockery … at no time did he disrespect anyone


Ask her then if what she is going to give these people is a discobot certificate.

And ask her if developers have approved this.


Thank you a lot girls and boys :heart: for your great feedback :exclamation:

If you have any other member of the forum in mind … just tell me and give a short description or a link about what she/he did great for the forum / game :exclamation:


If it make sense, I will add this player to the Nominations :exclamation:




are the developers approved YOUR idea yet??


I heard @Sarah247, @Alexander and @Mohadib like my idea :exclamation:

Thanks a LOT to ALL supporters :exclamation:




I still feel you should be giving all your credit to @Wepwawet


Feel whatever you want :exclamation:



Did bestplayerintheworld make this idea and I didn’t read properly or has bestplayerintheworld stolen wepwawets idea and is being selfish? Can anyone answer me other than bestplayerintheworld?


If you have nothing better to do than try to start hateing and rageing, please leave this thread :exclamation:

Thank you for your understanding :exclamation: