Spare parts Mechs



I’m storing unused parts that I want to keep on one of my mech slots - and over the course of some time, my parking lot has turned into a (crappy) mech.
Am I the only one doing this or do you have some crappy spare part mechs, too? And how do they look? I’m curious!


Actually a lot of players do that since 2v2 downdate


i do it, so har it’s no good


I did that too… but eventually, the spare part mech ‘evolved’ into a pretty damn good energy mech… with a mythical grimreaper, two legendary malice beams, legendary lightning supporters and a lot of quite a bit of energy (426) and regen (176)… It’s pretty damn good for my rank as it beats most other energy mechs of my rank. So… spare part mechs can, eventually, become very good.


I started my 2nd (phys) and 3rd (elec) mech that way. By the time 2v2 rolled around they’d turned into surprisingly good mechs; the 2nd mech has 4 myths atm and I’m making more. Definitely a good practice, gives you a chance to mess around and a spare for surprise updates…