Spanish speakers in english chat


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what can you say about me sir yeet?what issues do i have?


Obviously you are of a young age, and I dont mean this condescendingly. Sometimes you are a bit over the top. Being a goofball is fine but if it becomes annoying to others you need to tone it down a bit.


one issue i have is that i am overly pesimistic.i just cant be happy.also i curse too much


Look who’s talking…


This talk is gonna go far…


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Thanks for the complement, but Im afraid you are holding me too highly. Others got a brighter brain than me here.


no problem

what?i aint huggin ya


@Martymar Just mute them. They have freedom of speech so don’t blame them. Blame yourself for allowing yourself to be triggered by regular people.

@David_Jojua you need to know that no one likes you. You’ll probably say you don’t care so my question is: if you don’t care, why are you even here? No friends in real life? Boredom? At least try to be nice and empathetic

@Yeet you damn orange


Spanish yeah.


it was obvious from the start wimzical Okay


Thats a damn good name for him. How do you like it @Winz_Kay




That’s my Winzy-Poo!
You aced it.




Okay,let me refer to the original post now.

I know that maybe it’s annoying,but there’s nothing you can do.The chat is a virtual lounge for everyone.
Your options are:

  • Ignore them.
  • Don’t go in cat.
  • Join the Top Ranks chat;there is peace over there,with no cheap spammers or whatever bothers you.

Also,try to be a little nicer.
This is a forum for people,not a circus for animals.Either empathize or see as noone talks to you because of your reputation (or hate towards you).
Please,let’s keep it civil.
We all try our best behaving here and keeping this as a safe zone for us,players.


._. Alright. (20 char limit)




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