Spanish speakers in english chat


10/10 advice


And a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE warning in chat that the person was banned for being an idiot :smiley:


In every chat in their RESPECTIVE LANGUAGES


I moved it back… -_-


Before you could reply -_-


If we are banning people for being idiots we might as well ban the both of you.


You have problems with language you don’t understand?


Yeah I don’t know what I did…


ya were being a dumbass with me


It’s not that. Have you tried reading the FIRST POST


It’s the fact that it F***s up the chat.


So what? some guys talk russian and i don’t get, but i don’t make a fuss over a smal little thing…


Huh. (bruh. just use google translate and tell them to use google translate or tell them to go to the chat based off of their continent)


i can tell an argument as big as sumerian talk is gonna happen…and it seems like its gonna be a clusterfuck like that funk up of a show…


there isnt a russian chat
there isnt a chinese chat
german chat is english without spam but with rp
etc.etc. ya get the idea


Did you know that there is a block button? Press it dumbass. Also, why are you wrong? You admitted that you talk english in spanish chat, so essentially you are as bad as what you hate so much.


Wat? Ok. I don’t really… care? All I do is just say “NO SPANISH IN ENGLISH” and spam it like crazy.


I have anger issues.


the old “im in the wrong but i think im right” type of argument


Yea… I usually make those.