Sort out the lag

Falling from 2nd to 20th is no joke @mohadib because my hard work has came to a possible end as a result of the lag converting 2 of my ‘wins’ into ‘losses’. Due to how the ranking system works, it will now be almost impossible to get back to my position :sleepy:


Details of the lag:
Between every menu/room the loading wheel takes an excessive amount of time to load
Logging in takes a lot longer than before
The last move of every fight takes over 40 seconds to take place
Garage glitch
Campaign glitch

This is resulting in:
Less people are playing (once there was only 13 people in lobby)
Me believing you think money is more important than your game (lag happened after if featured in the app stores, these people will think the game is terribly made)
All other players experience the same problems - possible an indication to upgrade your servers
Chat is very hard to talk to people, the twin server idea is a nightmare to chat because the other person/ yourself could change server

I am having the same issue. I dropped to 19th and can barely play anymore. It freezes at the end of every fight.

How can I fight someone if I can’t see their stats?

Yes, I need a ambulance for this issue

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