Sorry Community


I was not letting you know but was letting noppy know.


Im sure nopy appreciated it. He was sitting on the edge of his seat eagerly refreshing the page nonstop seeing what you vote for


I’m sure he was, each vote counts and his BD career depends on it.


Except it doesnt because even when banned apparently you can still play. cough milan cough


Second chance? I say no


Who is @nopy99 ?
This guy seems hated even more then me?
Also I didn’t vote I just want to see whats with all the hubba


He is one of the best Battle Dawn players. not hated in the same way as you. more hated in the way KigBlinks is hated. you are hated for your youtube content. He is hated for his crazy mad hacks and usually people that got wrecked by him or have had their eras ruined by him hate him.

VOTE on your FAVORITE Video!

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Why the heck is there a link here to the SM video voting thread ? I though u BD guys hated us and muted us :neutral_face:


Now u are one of them. Traitorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!



Banned players cannot play unless avoiding their ban. In which case their new accounts would be banned again. I didn’t see red smoke last time I saw Milans account.


Talk about all the new rules that were made lol


I can pull up chat logs of Alexander saying he’d never perma ban someone because of the off chance they’re innocent. He basically told me I’d have to get a message of them confessing for him to ban someone.


yeah after 10 years of bullshit they did finally set new unchangeable still bendable rules


new rules suck tbh , i never wanted them in the first place

  1. Planting and spamming is legal (Family alliances can make your life more misreable now , just ask a friend to plant and spam enemy for u as now they wont even get banned)
  2. Taking resources from your sub , crystal transferring and op farming with sub is legal now (another shitty rule)
  3. Stupid rules like these got implemented and were suggested by community so now u cant even blame the admin for anything.


can i get link to new rules please?

where are they posted?




thanks @Germanicus. to get 20 characters, lemme add “i love you, mate” xP