Sorry Community


You got found cheating (And had been cheating for an extended amount of time) And yet you are happy to be back in the community. Why should you vote no and not give him another chance when you received one?


hmm i dont recall such stuff happen you nooblet i only remember noobs like you dieing and dieing and dieing and then accusing their opponents of cheating then crying a river and quitting just like you :sweat_smile: maybe learn to play instead of living your life as a pet guarav :wink:


It’s a game made by humans


4e are trash tho. and it’s funny seeing you calling someone better than you trash. as a player, Nopy was really good. active and skilled. granted, he did cheat. but so did you. I am not trying to defend his cheating. i’m only pointing out that you are being very hypocritical. you’re just making yourself look like a fool by criticising him.


Lol kaen , grow up



Anyways nopy era is over , how ever you guys tried , how much ever you cheated , I and ponka showed you and plo the way to your graves respectively.

And replying to one of your comments in game , RIP aren’t noobs , the same RIP last era beat trajic , psi , antrax , kinda the entire T family , expect my bae Adip wasn’t planted

I ponka and Antrax were enough for you all , but nvm era has ended and I won.

Bye bye noobs , hunt you down somewhere else soon.


Admin Alexander too voted to kick nopy out of BD , so he’s a cheater as per your comment ?:joy:


Don’t be silly, humans don’t exist, we all known there are only unicorns, traps, and phoenixes.


Seems he “accusesd” very correct :exclamation:

Also such posts make your chances a lot higher that ALL want you back :exclamation:

Good Bye :exclamation:



I refuse to believe G got killed by you, you’re trash nopy with a really deluded mind. Even with all those cheating and manipulating you still lost on all of the eras I saw you on.

and you aren’t the first person to get over 100k blues off refferals. POB are the masters of that crap. And even mike and greeny pulled that crap off years ago.


Anyone who needs to cheat at all ever to win is garbage at this game.

Gaurav doesn’t even have to play, he could just tell people to kill you and you wouldn’t win the era.

It’s obvious that Nopy hasn’t learned his lesson and shouldn’t be here in this community.


How about we ban everyone on this thread, and everyone who doesn’t even play BD?


I was restraining myself from voting until it was made anonymous, but now you after bad mouthing G, well I have given my vote.


I think it’s hilarious how nopy is this insecure


Honestly if i was u i would just apologise to the admins and create a entirely new identity


He’s already created a new identity, all 300 of them


Its okay, I called that out pretty early on and Alex threw a little hissy fit about it, Saying if they banned every cheater, we wouldnt have a game. lol, also tried to tell me that this guy was the worst BD had ever seen.


Hes tried this. When ppl found out its him, he got banned.

Initially he got banned for cheating. After that it was for coming back with a new account, not for cheating. He was never actually given a “second chance”.


Wow Hitmo everyone needed to know that. Thank you for letting us know that you were afraid to post your opinion but are now not scared anymore. Good on you


Is this the shitpost thread