Sorry Community


nice projecting

just because 4e noobs cheat dont mean everyone does. dont “almost everyone using that”


that because if we are cheating why we are not getting banned.

you can not take something on my post kaen i don’t know who the hell are you and how old are you maybe better go cringe someone who is winning. i am not talking about 4E here, but yes if 4E cheating we have to get banned too like everyone!

don’t try to insult 4E here again if you have something show us in bd we are there at all

if you can’t ?

shut up kid


I’m a SM player but what does 4E stand for? Earth 4?


anyone but anyone on bd can beat 4E i dare you usta to place with the tag 4E from tick 1 i will guarntee you you wont win


4E is a group of alliances who comes with 3 subs every era and only win by licking everyones ass and having 0 enemies even if they have a single enemy they lose :joy:


watch yo pofamity


4E is a team that have like 40 players join them on a world to try to help them win against an alliance of 10 players. and they usually lose. often resorting to cheating to try to win, but still lose in the end.


4E is a family and have 68 players if you want to be 69 you can text me


oops. let me correct my statement. they dont have 40 players place to fight one alliance. they have 68 players place.


keep insult us kid.

i know how you cried to my leader.

pls pls give vote 2nd chance pls lol


nice joke :joy: made my day i only messaged people to vote the choice was theirs i didnt tell one person to vote yes or no most voted no and i seriously couldnt care less i can easily hide myself and comeback if i want to


LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ahahaha yoooo i like this kid maaayn :joy::joy::joy:the fact he has a platform like this where he wants ur forgiveness and he came with the “i dont giveeee a fuuuuuu “about ur forgiveness, is very comedic, my friend u have art of deception, use it; you will go far in life but i think BD aint the place for u my man.


hmm interesting, I don’t remember loosing to you despite you cheating your ass off.

heck I remember u are the one who blocked me when u found out I lied and planted against u

when it comes to you, u can’t even get over some smart deceiving play

and yet here you are calling us butt hurt and asking for a second chance


Seem your borders are very unclear for yourself, where “cheating” starts and where “cheating” ends for yourself :exclamation:

But as player with most Single Gold Medals of all time and of all players of SuperMechs, AND all done without any cheats or exploits or multi-accounting, let me tell you one most important thing …

  • you cannot be proud of ANY of your achievements in BD, because you did it WITH CHEATING

So to start here some verbal attacks against other players is pretty ridiculous :exclamation:

I am 100 % with @Alexander, what you did is not just simple using a bug (where often - not always - also the devs are responsible for), you cheated with a huge system :exclamation:

Thats a total different story :exclamation:

  • it is a impudence towards honest players :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

You destroyed their hours, days, weeks, MONTHS of honest playing effort, for YOUR OWN advantage :exclamation:
WITH cheating :exclamation:

Therefor you deserve NEVER any chance again :exclamation:

Also, your speaking here how good you are makes me …
… you cannot be proud 1 second - you did all/most with CHEATING.

You should be shamed, not trying to start any verbal fights about who is better :exclamation:



they have 3 subs every era u have 30 multis every era

the way I see it, 4E are more honourable than u

so sssh


you cant do more than that. shhhh


:expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:


Wait… What’s Battle Dawn again?


You don’t need to speak about 4E dear nopy .

Son osmanli has beat top gun and jabba on e2 , get to know about anyone before you speak trash ,
Ah nvm you do trash always , your habituated to it.


Yes with you and your 200 Multies , why not ? lmao