Sorry Community


Oh so from when did you start representing everyone? Or from when did you start reading their minds to know my relation with other players?


it’s okay Hitmo, it’s only a joke, I love you very very much really.

call me.


I didn’t have any flame wars or any such thing on the new forum, yes I had a lot of flame wars/personal attack with 3 specific players on old forum but I don’t recall seeing you on old forum Also I haven’t interacted with you before, we only only played on e4 server which was a mess again. So I’m not sure on what basis are you judging me and also why I’m under your negative list of players.


You can take cheating out of a game, but you can’t take cheating out of a cheater.

Why is this even up for debate


Voted stay out of BD. The multiple bans Nopy has had did not deter him from basically institutionalizing cheating and I can think of many occasions where people rage quit eras over his blatant cheating. Player such as this does not deserve a 5th(or w.e # its at now) chance.


What I hate about this thread is that half the ppl voting to perma ban are even bigger cheaters


I saw that irony as well and had a nice chuckle.


Yeah they all deserve the hammer. There was nothing I hated more than having to be 24/7 active for weeks straight to fight cheaters who actually sucked horribly in terms of activity and strategy when not being piloted.

We shouldn’t be lenient though just because others cheat too, everyone who cheats should have the same consequences to deter any more cheating to this game. It’s very toxic and kills the community.


@ourania helo byoutiful i see u created a forum account


ikr. @2bmp3tp and all those 4e noobs are there.


From the standpoint where you can create a new account and start a new identity, I don’t see why this thread is even necessary. It’s not up to the community to forgive you for what you have done. Everyone can change. In truth, the first step to solving a problem is realizing there is one…
Start by forgiving yourself first and by making a firm promise to yourself you won’t bend over to self-destructing and blind desires to hurt people. Yes, this game is built upon the fact to hurt one another through waging in game wars and drama. That is what we, BattleDawn players do and love to do. But, it needn’t be taken to a next level… There are rules for a reason.
If you choose to try and follow my advice, you will realize this game is indeed better off played without cheating. It is supposed to be challenging, and it’s really only reasonable people who make it far since they took the harder path.

It takes only will.


amen :innocent: :innocent:


Having read other peoples posts I did not realise the Nopy had been banned so many times already and have therefore changed my vote to a no,

If he wants to come back to BD now, as George said, I think he should have to rebuild his reputation as a new player.


“U can barely get 20-30 because nobody likes u lol”

^ he said that about me as well… and he doesn’t know me at all… xD

seemingly he’s somebody who decides things in here… whatever, i just don’t want to spoil his party… :slight_smile:


He has been banned several times in the past but he never said “hey youre right i do cheat and im sorry im not doing it again” until now. That’s not what a real cheater does. I know this guy a little bit more than you all and I tell you unlike the others (ponka rommeo PS emogirl POB and all the other indiano-pakistanian noobs who to this day say “no we play clean”) this guy has character and there’s an actually very high chance he will never cheat again. Oh and he has multiple identities that even the admins would be shocked if they knew it was him. Its not hard for him to be anonymous. He just doesn’t want the hate anymore. That’s my two cents on a thread where we’re trying to banish one of the most enthusiastic and proactive players I’ve ever seen on this game.


it seem that f2 was so annoying, i know you cant handle me.


No problem I at least stole your reds


Just to make it clear Elcent ive been banned 3 times

1st time is the time i got caught for the fraud

2nd time is simply because im nopy and frauded the tokens not because i cheated and maybe because i denied im nopy got a few of my eras ruined then

3rd time is now for being nopy (again) most of the people here are simply butthurt because they cant stand losing to someone who plants 1.5k ticks late and know they will lose if i get unbanned so theyre simply fabricating stuff to make me look bad “even a noob will know someone with 8k kills and 300 losses used multies to farm xp” Hmm so even after tom sends you all those battlereports without my permission you decide to lie all those battle reports already prove how trash you are at this game


Thats his only weak spot. Hes not good with people :joy::joy:


everyone is noob excluding you yes yes you the best man

bd had good players and good wars and was better

the only noob here is bd security system
i hate whenever i joined a random alliance, someone, saying " use vpn its just bd "

none talking about it cause almost everyone using that and that killed bd made real online players leave the game.