Sorry Community


Lmao, if Nopy gets unbanned this game will officially be 100% trash

What’s the point in even having rules if you can just say “I’m sowwwy” when you obviously aren’t?

Send him to the Gulag


This message wasn’t sent to me, he sent it someone else who screenshotted it to me. He’s threatening to target specific players and ruin their eras for not agreeing to help him in another. This wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t go about this in the manner that he does - which is using multies and farming.


go away drew
go away drew
go away drew
go away drew
go away drew
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I mean, to be fair that’s not really against the rules in itself to plant just to try to ruin people’s fun (if it was 3/4 of BD would be banned)

It’s just that to do it, he breaks every rule in the process every single time.


Well yeah, that’s pretty much what I just said.


im not saying you’re wrong, but you’re not one to talk about cheating, Rommeo


hahahaha for the first time I agree with @Sakrie

don’t kill whatever is left of bd @Alexander


What a shame, if it was any other person I’d have voted yes :slight_smile:


well it depends, some acc sharing is other thing, but the way nopy is doing, im not going to play this game anymore if he gets unbann.


@sasuke96 you baeeeeeeeeeee


i believe people do not change


anyway its best way for him



USTA!!! hit me up on skype bro, it has been so long :smiley:


actually any kind of account sharing is wrong.
come to think of it, that is the reason why alex did not transfer me my medals to my new account




a clear majority want him to stay banned, the system works.


Votes are still public bcoz of which I’m unable to vote.


stop being such a cat and vote. nobody gives that much of a flip.


I dont want to bring my relation with other players under stress.


lmao glitching and multies lol?


Its not like anyone liked you to begin with, Hitmo. The only way for you now is up.