Sorry Community

He’s been given many chances. He continues to get players for farming his units, and score.

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Your right tolbert players like you farm me score and xp thanks for the xp lol

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Ho ho ho the only actual funny joke I’ve heard all day


What? Him wanting to beat you is a bannable offense called threatening now? Where are the times people threatened to pay a hitman and kill me. Still no snitching. +1 for nopy, guy’s a warrior


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i MIGHT have considered giving a second chance if it was something like logging from a friends account to save his army , but this

this is the kind of stuff which makes new players leave the game and never comeback , teamviewer , planted spammers , planting jammers , making hundreds of multies to use as conquers and then farm R5 of those multies , these are the reasons we have come down from playing with 2000 real players to 200 real players. and allowing these things will mean we will be left with only 40-50 people.

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I can vote more openly and freely if the votes are kept anonymous.
If I remember correct there is an option to do that.

Also it’s astonishing to see that 40 people voted in a matter of mere 8 hrs.

That’s 5 people per hour, and yes, there is an option to do that.

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Nvm he got banned again on E3 (facepalm)

??Sorry Community Returns ??

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Yes I can do that much of math. Thanks
And yes its a lot considering the current shape in which forum and BD is.

Oh god. What is this kid up to?
Maybe @Alexander can shed some light

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Yet people get banned for it anyways

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people have been refused second chances for much less.

also, theres quite a lot of sm only players voting, so this poll is pretty meaningless tbh.

  1. 6 months ago the cheating was done… don’t think 6 months is enough to properly be apologetic enough for this level of cheat done…
  2. also 56 votes already in within 11 hours of the original post??? i can barely manage 20-30 votes on my polls… may be itz cuz i suck… but any way, i still think this is suspicious… :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry, kid… you need to be on timeout… for your own good as well… time for a serious break for you…

voted nope!


Just Get out no place for noobs on this game

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my stance is “■■■■ nopy”


U can barely get 20-30 because nobody likes u lol

Its not suspicious. I got a message from Nopy asking to vote. I imagine he messaged all BD players he had in contacts, to vote. Which is why there seem to be a lot of recently-made accounts. Possibly people that want to vote on this issue but didnt have an account until now.

I did have the thought about that they could be multis at first, and i messaged Elcent and Alex, but then i figured if they were, they would be banned along with Nopy and he would lose his second chance.

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So far how many multies of your voted in here :joy::joy:

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you shouldnt be sorry, you are a liar and there is no more trust on you better you get a life instead sucking here with other’s hard work, im glad to not to see you again because your kind of people dosent deserves another chance.


hahaha i can feel the pain

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Give him a second chance ? , Lol it’s 4th or 5th time he’s getting banned amd begging admins

Such stupid and insane cheating players should never be accepted , he plants more than 100 Multies, glitches blues from the system more than 100k , Fools admins.

He cheats in every possible way , placing Multies to spam , placing Multies to farm xp , placing Multies for energy farms.

If you don’t believe me , ask Admin Alexander or George or the best would be Sasuke or Guardian , They have a clear idea and played with me when he was cheating insane just to troll .

The era he and plo beat iceman , god knows how much cheating he did , he had told me on Skype that he controlled some 250 accounts for spamming enemies .

He made this game look like a joke.
And what did you say dear nopy ? You play clean now ??

Go check his e3 stats , ign mushrooms , he had 8000 kills with less than 300 loss , what is that lol ? Even kids can figure it out that this noob has farmed via Multies

Kick out such noobs , they never will play clean.

Thanks to Admin Alexander and Admin Theo to act fast when you were informed.

I knew that nopy is on e3 some 15 days back , i didn’t report to Admin Alexander, just thinking let’s see if this noob plays clean or the his traditional style to play very very dirty :rage: