Sorry Community

Yes i am back as you may know. I am the guy who frauded tokens off the community with multis and i regret what i have done very much im sorry people who i’ve trolled with those tokens forgive me :frowning: if you still think i should just f… off please vote so but if you would like to give me a 2nd chance please vote you can stay thanks and im really sorry :’( im back and playing clean now :frowning:

  • Get out of BD Nopy
  • You deserve a 2nd chance

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And proceeds to vote with multies to get himself reinstated :joy:


Few things.

We caught him making a few hundred multis over 6 months ago. He used these to get blues - lots of them. We’re talking over 100k blues. One reason for improving our tools was to prevent that from ever happening again. We told him very clearly he is never welcome in Battle Dawn again. That sort of cheating is too structural and far reaching and lasted many months. It was planned, malicious and inexcusable.

He made two accounts since, first time he pretended to be someone else until the end and we banned him. That cost him some eras.

Second time is now, this time he decided to come clean after we caught him.

I do believe in second chances, and to be fair he hasn’t had one to my knowledge. Since he at least admitted it’s him, it’s pretty much up to you guys this time.

~ If he is unbanned, in my opinion, he is on a very short leash and even just benefiting from cheating (yes, even by accident) would in my eyes suffice for a ban. This means he will need to ask for permission before, for example, taking outposts or any suspicious conquers.

Additionally I feel it would be appropriate to cap him to play worlds only after requesting as much as it will entail extra work on our behalf.

That said, some things are difficult to catch and take time. Ultimately the community has been the ultimate victim in all this, normally admins give practically anyone a second chance. This case was very extreme and systematic, so ultimately, I do think this is up to you folks. As you all know, finding cheaters takes time. We have better tools now, we can mitigate the effects better, but some stuff is always a risk.

Perhaps such controls are enough, perhaps we can keep him under clear view and have more competition in this game (good for anyone).

But ultimately I think the overall community opinion is very important here.

For the record, any account that seems fake (and we will use admin & mod tools to investigate the votes) will be discarded. On either side of the pool. If no clear decision is reached on the community side, the answer will be No.

If the community wants to give him another chance, the answer is (unless it’s rather convincing…) “In a limited fashion”.

This is one of the worst cases we’ve ever had, but ultimately people do change and ultimately you guys end up playing with him.

Normally, a second chance is given if requested. Seems it’s requested, but yeah. Seeing the nature of this case… a bit more complicated than usual.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Alex, this vote is a farce. He has been given many chances. He has been threatening random people on skype to spam us. He had a whole alliance plant a bunch of ops in AA so he could farm them. This guy is a black mark on the game. Then he makes this poll begging for forgiveness of his multi use, and then vouches for himself using over 10 different accounts. You can’t make this kind of irony up. Do not fall for this!


So post those chats. Inform your fellow players.

Bud, we usually give practically everyone a second chance. That this time the community has input (first time ever) and that I am talking about this (vs Tom) is testament to how serious this case is.

Your experiences - opinions, views, are keys here. All I know is he went way too far, too far for me to feel like I can let him back in. But, ultimately, it’s your game as players. And you know him far better than I ever will!


Please do tell me a single person i threatened or asked to spam you simply lost asia and aussie and your relics to 2 people with 1/10 of your power your pretty lame “whole alliance to plant ops” lmao

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i voted for nopy to get a second chance… misclicked to no…


You can change your vote just fine, ignore my vote by the way. I accidentally clicked and can’t seem to unvote :’)


lol here you go the rest part of that thats basiclly reffering to him on why hes spamming us you told him to spam us and i said why are you spamming us and threatened to kill him in game for it what a liar

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I’m always one to give people second chances so long as he abides by the rules this time I don’t see a problem with him coming back.

That being said if he were to break even a slight rule I think he should be gone from BD forever.


feel free to do so and thanks

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Threatening to kill me in different eras? No. Why would you do such a horrible, lying thing that nobody cares about? I hope you do other stuff in your life than just playing BD. You’ve done this to me in the past years as well.


killing people in eras why do such a thing?
this is battledawn you kill people you dont just sit and build and dog people for medals and blues

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It’s called “spam bombing”. When you place at a late tick and start to spam an alliance, you will be considered spam bombing and may get banned.

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Spamming is currently allowed on all worlds i believe (May not be for E5)

So long as you are not helping your conquer attack who you like! :slight_smile:


I guess that will work. But if you do it without a reason, I’m sure you will get in trouble

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I also found out when PLO goes to sleep, he gets his kids to play the game instead so that’s another cheater we have in this game. I feel like that’s the only guy we have that does that in my head right now.

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So the third chance as I understand it correctly?

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I agree with elcent on this. One should always extend the olive branch once.

Everyone deserves a second chance and most of the time they become a better person. Nopy should get a second chance but if he breaks a single rule he will be gone.