Sorry, but I’m done with this game

I have mythicalised everything on my ‘generic’ mech. I have played for 2 months solid and received no exotic weapons or decent modules. I do not spend money on games, so I don’t think I can ever improve from this point on. I am rank 4-5 and need at least 1 HP Platinum Plate to go further. Even if I spend money there is no guarantee that I will get 1.

Every fortune box I open gives my a bloody blue light. It is sickening!

I have plateaued in the game, and just do not find it fun anymore.

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I think you have too many items on your mech!

That is what prevents you from increasing your HP.

Let me help: modules: put only 2 cooling modules and maxed it! Remove 1 of energy modules.

Weapons: keep the annihilation, corrupted light and the supreme cannon. Use hook and charge!

Now you can increase your HP with epic plates. Maxed it…!!!

Note: I don´t have any mythical HP plates either. We are two (you and me). so learn to be a magician if you want to survive.


Every Fortune box I get always gives me Legendary or Epic,

I agree with @Wepwawet


There are many times I’ve contemplating quitting, but I’ve always found ways to improve my build. It may be harder for you though, having 1-2 range weapons for heat being very rare. Just keep on working, and you will succeed!


Ok, I’d say it’s better to quit than spend hours(days) maybe yearstryin g to get some plates, lol,

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Good luck in your real life. You will feel a lot better the longer you don’t play SM. Trust me. It’s a very good feeling. And you can do something useful with your time instead


Dude, you are so faaaar away from mythicalizing everything… You still pack a legendary energy and heat section (one module even epic!). Besides, cooling boosters are less effective than engines, replace them. And don’t get pissed at the game, if you fail to build a decent mech. This is not the games’s fault… You have still a lot of work before you… Another piece of advice: you selected the weakest weapon in game: Annihilation. From the experience of a top player: in the past my double Annihilation 2500 HP monster lost to a 1500 push electrician… HP is not everything, and any 2 range weapon is extremely limiting… So do not limit yourself…