Sorrow is problematic

This weapon lacks balance. As an energy mech I expect to be beaten by most well built heaters, but with two maxed myth heat engines I expect to have at least some fighting chance. If a mech carries both a Sorrow and a Desolation, energy Mechs have literally no hope. There is no range area to hide in to try to avoid overheats, and no hope of trying to shut their weapons down. To make it more frustrating, the energy equivalent of sorrow is basically useless.

Overall this is a paper rock scissors situation, but with no energy cost, high heat gen, max heat drain, I feel like this weapon is an auto win against energy.

I suppose an option is to just not build for heat at all, accept all heaters as losses and build to try to beat physical and other energy…

Being a physical, this weapon is like a peashooter when I vs. it.

It’s not that problematic for me.


honestly , the sorrow is well balanced .

As much as i hate it , ill say that its balanced.

You just need to learn to counter it tbh


This weapon is actually balanced. If you compare it’s damage with other weapons it’s actually pretty low and i also recommend you to use the last words against those sorrow abusers.

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