Soooooooooooooo! My first Mech! (I'm putting each on it's own post)

So! Hi, it’s me, Duggatron3000, again (if you read my introductory post, that is Here)

That’s my physical mech (I’m gonna make a topic about those hopefully, I’m also gonna put links to all my topics on my first one, the one with the link above)
And YES I KNOW SO WHAT IF IT’S NOT 1000% PHYSICAL SHUT UP. Heat bomb is great for 2v2 because the mech that I use first is a heater mech, and when my opponent’s heat cap is super low, I switch mechs and BOOM: Overheat forever. Now, the Ultrabright I have is purely for damage purposes only and I DO NOT CARE IF IT’S AN ENERGY WEAPON SO WHATEVER. Since I’m a new user, I can’t post more than one pic, so I’ll just say the stats n’ stuff.

[Physical Mech]

Torso: Level Maxed Divine Interceptor (I KNOW, I KNOW IT SUCKS)
Legs: level 50 Mythical Iron Boots
Side Weapon 1: Level 8 Legendary Heat bomb
Side Weapon 2: Maxed Homage
Side Weapon 3: Level 38 Mythical Ultrabright
Side Weapon 4: Level 40 Legendary War hammer
Top Weapon: Level 40 Legendary Night Eagle
Drone: Level 40 Legendary Clash
Charge: Level 40 Legendary Charge Engine
Grapple: Maxed Iron Grappling Hook

2 Level 40 Legendary Heat Engines
1 Level 40 Legendary Energy Mass Booster
1 Level 40 Legendary Cooling Mass Booster
1 Level 6 Legendary Mighty Protector (Got it recently, with an Ultrahot)
1 Maxed Iron Plating (Waiting to hopefully replace it with PP, but I’ll probably never get one.)
So! That’s my first mech! A Physical! So I guess that’s it then. Bye!
(BTW I’ll put the links for the other mech posts on here when they’re done.)
(Also, I have lots of different Arena Shop buffs, I dunno if I’ll put them on here later? Maybe.)

Sorry, I was in the middle of editing. Anoyingly, they only let new users put ONE PICTURE :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I’m still editing now.

Hum so what is the point of this topic or… what do you want to say?

Actually, I’m just showing my mech build because I’m bored. I’m also new to the forums. That’s why it’s in the ‘Introduce Yourself’ section.


Well, I finally finished the post.

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Humm nice… btw you won’t be able to post reply or make topic in some hours.
Don’t scare :wink:

Your fist mech or first mech, look at your title. Take care lol

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Oops lol. Thank you for pointing that out!

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Well! I just upgraded my charge module and updated this topic (Now it’s Level 29)

Np you welcome! Have à Nice day

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Well, now it’s Level Thirty-Five (Sorry, since I’m new I have to do 20 characters)

Thank you! You too! :slight_smile:

Also, I replaced my Rock Recoiler with my Homage, it’s complicated why.

Well, I made two new posts! There’s a link to them on the introductory post.

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So I replaced my Heat Storage Capsule Unit or whatever it’s called with an Energy Booster because my mech has good heat (and cooling) but HORRIBLE Energy (and regen). Hoping to replace the Energy Booster with an Energy Mass Booster if I get one.

I have seen guys with “hybrid” weapons (much like yours with the ultrabright)

If their weapons are of similar caliber to other mechs I encountered, it almost guarantee me a win.

I understand why you don’t like rock recoiler. Too much distance maybe, and no range 1. Probably also the cost.
I don’t know if you encountered any nightfalls, but those may be the best replacement for your ultrabright. (physical all the way for a purpose and greater damage because of res drain)
I won’t comment on the heat bomb. But the torso …
If you use interceptor you sure are able to go full mods and both top weapons unless … ah, homage.
80kg of dead weight … never figured why.
If you can, equip any (any) physical long-range top weapon. (spartan carnage if you have one, or the rapid destructionreckless beam.) It may help.

My reasoning: Jack of all trade(weapons), master of nothing.

Now that’s not particularly true, as my energy also work somehow as a heat counter, and my heat somehow … works the energy way.
But it’s good to keep most of the mech class-focused.

About the torso, though, I think you will love the stats brutality bring.

Brutality? Well, I do have an epic one… But I don’t think I have enough spare weight… I’ll check

So! I just updated that I transformed my Legendary Iron Boots to Mythical!!! Second mythical I ever made (First was Interceptor).

Well, turns out I don’t have enough spare weight, also I think it’ll look dumb (I KNOW, I KNOW, PUT STATS OVER LOOKS, BLAH BLAH BLAH Sorry, it’s just kinda how I work)