Sooo, premium boxes?


Do you guys think they’re worth buying? I can only really seeing them as worth the cost if you end up getting a legendary from it, but even then im still not so sure. It might be better to save 200 tokens for gold or maybe expand inventory space since they’re eager to keep that around to screw us over.



The same thing from the previous versions still apply… “Don’t buy boxes until there’s a discount”.


Buy premium boxes.


Without premium boxes how you get epic item ?


Regular boxes have a little chance of giving epics.


from the final mission, you get guaranteed 2 epics per win


It’s a tough choice to make - premium boxes are nowhere near as value for money as the previous gold boxes were. I’ve taken the plunge on a quite a few of them this last week or so and 8-9 times out of 10 the result was disappointing (read 2 epics). I had a crapload of legacy items to burn for boost so I used most of my tokens on gold. On the other hand, as others have mentioned the really good items can only be found as legendaries from premium boxes.

In a nutshell, it kind of depends on your priorities and situation (say you’re way overloaded with legacy items). If you’re not in that much of a hurry to get those legendary only items, gold could be the better option right now.


Yes, this is the biggest mistake I’ve done in the start because of me having absolutely no idea when the update first appeared. I converted all my gold into premium boxes. I do have over 3k legacy items, which I could have used the gold to transform my stuff into epic items. So yeah, I’m pretty much screwed and have no idea how to get out of my “situation”.

But yeah, good point in the said quote by @TinCan.


As they said here the last mission (bigboy), gives 2 epic items.

But yesterday I also got a legendary. That is, there is a minimal possibility of obtaining a legendary in the last mission box.


As this is a situation I hear many players are in, I hope that there is some sort of reprieve coming.


Lack of gold is the most important issue.
The farm yelds gold. Most gold come from big boy boss.
But this is where the wall comes and you hit it hard.
Let’s assume you farm like hell… with the energy sistem you get top 23 runs… you get 230.000 tokens, but you also get 2 epics, so that meand 46 items.
If you try to fuse them into a myth… you fall short on the money, cause 230.000 gold arent enough to burn the 46 items into boosting.


wow - 230,000 tokens are a lot


P.S.: overseas, the comma is the european point …
1.5 € = 1 and a half
2,000 € = 2 thousend


I have done last mission 9 times of this 9 times 2 legendaries rest always Epics, 2 chest earned. Normal mode.


you should get 3 items from the premium box or they should decrease the cost ( 150 -> 100 tokens) . what do you guys think?


I think the cost should stay, increase items to 5. (like the previous gold box)