Soo like..i'm going to start this

Hello Dawners…it seems like you all didn’t know me too much.
Well let me introduce you!
I’m The Yo Yo Man as you can see…an old SM player that just…left that much.
And i’m starting to thinking about playing battledawn,because of how the game SM…failed me.

Disscus me if you want.


did u know this should be in introduce topic right??

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I don’t see any introducing topic about battledawn.

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OK nice the leave it and put it on off topic introduce yourself LOL!

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Really funny sparsh…

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I’ve moved it and welcome to possibly playing Battledawn.


see :smiley: u should have done that

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Sorry for not putting into off topic introduce…can’t find battle intoduction.

Anyways…should i pick Mars,Earth or Fantasy?
I have feeling for Mars.

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You should aim for a world that is about to start or just started. You’ll do this by looking at a world with a low tick number, under 100 would be idea. Fantasy 2 seems to be the youngest world current running. Followed by Mars 1, and then Fantasy 3 which just ended a round and should have a new round starting soon.

These worlds all have different tick speeds and sometimes also alliance member limits. Tick speeds on the majority of worlds range from 1-3 an hour. This is basically how often actions are performed per hour. M1 is a 1 tick world, F2 is a 2 tick world, and F3 is a 3 tick world.

If you’d like to learn the game with a community of experienced players, we have a Battledawn Academy that uses discord for its main base of operations. If mentors are available, they may start an alliance on any world and recruit/mentor players.

You can find the discord here


Too bad that i don’t have discord.

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Remember to never manually put down your shield.
That’s a dumb decision.

We talked in pm so i dont have to remind you lol

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I’m gonna look for an excuse to waste all my likes

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Not true, it’s a good idea to put down your shield when you can defend the incoming on your colony. Just have to remember to put it back up after :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean the protection that saves you in the beginning lol

Actually if you want to have a good start in a round, you need to drop your protection so you can attack the resource outposts around you + the AI colonies that pop up around you.

Secondly, you get a resource boost for about 300 ticks if you drop the shield.

It’s always a good idea to try to find an active alliance to play with. Activity is one of the most important measures in this game. If you are active, you are far likely to find players willing to invite you and help you. Once you learn the basics and strategies, if you can be active, you can win.

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Gee…this game needs some good internent.

But this game got tactics and strategy! :ok_hand:
Unlike the you-know-what game

I realised that.


Soo like…alience is just like clan right?

Dunno wich would like.


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