Something something what even

Kenny is confused, the forum looks widely different, life is widely different. The Navy accepted me as one of their own but refuse to see me as a Kitten God. I have yet to get the yarn allotment promised in my contract and fish is unfortunately not served in the galley as much as you would think. Seafaring is a long journey away considering that Kenny has to stare at papers that say CONFIDENTIAL on them while taking 2-3 tests a week. Pawprints count as valid answers, that is the only conclusion Kenny can come up with as to how Kenny hasn’t failed out yet.

All irrelevant things in the fight against shenanigans though.

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w0w the og kenny wb …

Wait, they expect you to answer tests with something else than pawprints normally???

That explains a lot…

At first they tried to fail me, then they understood my pawprints after awhile.

I see they’ve been working on inclusivity and understanding other languages then!

Continuing to reverse the order of the spam category, slowly…

Jeez, this is hard!