Something pretty for your birthday?


Hi there yeap here i go again xD

A Selective Mythical Ticket for your birthday
How this sound?
let me explain this
i know there are a lot of multi-acc players trying to get what they want or just for trade acc with others, but, this wont be able for all this accs. why?
well If you link your acc with fb you could only link it once right? then why fb link is useless? we dont got any reward by that and any benefit too, so…
Give acces to SM to see your friends and birthday
that way you got:
a) a friends list
b) the reward code, probably working again
c)This idea posible

The idea is for accs linked with fb, you need to like SM fan page and probably share it public before your birthday
then once per year the game give you 1 ticket to choose 1 myth item
how you will choose it?
well there is a list of mythicals in game, just receive the ticket then go choose it, click and use your ticket
that way at least once per year you can choose and also this boost interest on keep playing
and i say 1 myth because its cheaper than 2 gold boxes (that way they dont lose) but better than got again a myth you dont use (that way its better for us and it can cheer up our “big day”)

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It sounds cool and all, even though my B-day passed 7 days ago, You can easily make so many FB accounts and link the other SM accounts. It’s that simple. You can change your FB info also with fake birthday everyday. The birthday thing be cool, yet you have to look at the pros and cons. There more cons than anything. I been thinking of that Idea for along time. The only way to really make this work is to have your birth day locked into what ever accounts you have. Having your birthday info locked will keep you from changing it. Than you get a “Mythical Box” on that day, every year. It be better random, than be able to choose. It benefit every one.


yeah i forgot the easy that is create a lot of profiles but that would mean more work just for 1 myth so i dont see the problem
well thats why i say 1 time per year that means no mater how many times you change it if server says there have no passed at least 350 days you wont get it its simple and cant be bugged so easy if you stablish at least the month of your birthday on the game
ill preffer keep the selective idea im very VERY unlucky in every game i play so i preffer have something i want for sure i can beat on this
i want flame bitter and/or boiling scope to be in peace with my first mech and im sure that i will get another ultraspade or yoshimo legs again every year if isnt selective
otherwise would be put a 100% not in storage that way at least could be better but, for those who want again the same myth isnt good, so yes ill keep it selective


being someone that has had over 40 fb accounts in my time and used many different names, i cant stand behind this. it’s very easy to create facebook accounts.


Sure hahaha ­­­­­­ .