Something new? Hmm


Could you give us some screenshots?


Wait, I’mma screenshot it alright.


After that, it replenished my HP, and this dude came in


I’mma screeny the one with “WAVE” later.


Is this photo shopped?

If not- how did you trigger it?


Why are all the small updates only for newbies?


I don’t even know how to photoshop.

Also this is the “WAVE” one, if it comes, my mech will either stay in place, jump away multiple times or come near multiple times.

Like this, it jumped to Range 6.


Note : After each wave, your weapon uses automatically replenishes itself.


Tell us if this applies outside the tutorial please


It does, all the levels.


Another note : When you come in a level, it AUTOMATICALLY makes you fight enemies.


They are testing it, it will probably end up like “armory”


Unavailable for us


No, only for new accounts, like “Devillic Sphere”.


Lol, when I reach a new wave and my mech needs to stay in place, it just jumps in place which looks hilarious :joy:

Like wtf just do jumping jacks in your spare time nibba :ok_hand::joy::+1:


More notes : There’s not only “Repair Kit Octagons”, there’s also Energy kit and Heat kit versions too.


Maybe they plan to introduce kits back :slight_smile:


No, they are just regular campaign kits, but instead you CAN’T access the levels and it’s in “WAVE” form.


So basically a quicker campaign. I already like it.


Supermechs is in version 12.0A now.
I guess it’s updated?