Something needed in the forums


I am not sure where to suggest this in the first place, but what I’m sure about is that @Fluxeon have deeply offended me in this topic. So this is where my suggestion comes in.

We need a “Dislike” button. I cannot let this insult go in vain. I need justice, by giving a dislike. That picture I posted there isn’t enough. :anger:



Lol I agree. Dislike button needs to be added, so I can dislike admins posts when they say they are ‘working on something’


Hey Bluz,
When ever a post is offending in some way feel free to flag it to let us moderators know. We will try to keep the forums clean and free from anything breaking the forum rules.


Hi @Elcent, sorry for the confusion but this was meant as a joke. The part where I told he deeply insulted me etc. etc. is a thing between me and Fluxeon. Nonetheless thanks for trying to help me but it’s all a joke. :ok_hand:

I should’ve posted it in Spam/Off Topic and not in Suggestions. :joy: Well, it’s here in Spam now so the video can remain here. :slight_smile:

PS. Please do click the link to clarify things!


Joke or not, dislike buttons won’t be added :slight_smile: Just as Facebook hasn’t implemented it, nor will we :stuck_out_tongue:
Encouraging negativity is never a good thing really. Seems harmless most of the time, but negative communities break down much quicker. We want a happy community here on the forums! :smile_cat:


Well the community doesn’t seem all that happy lately.



Half of it is. :joy: And that half still has to share and see all the topics popping up. We don’t want to turn the forums into a dislike/like war between SM and BD :stuck_out_tongue:


Half of that community is 10 years old, and logs in every 10 days.
I dont say we shouldnt listen to them, but everyone who jumps in some topic, agrees with us… So…