Something from another planet, pretty aggressive


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to…

Do they imagine the aggressiveness of having this torso in the game? :astonished:

opinions ? :grin:


Made by @Maxy vectorized by me and colored by @Elcent


I’m sorry to edit it,
I thought no one responds anymore if I ask permission to edit :roll_eyes:


We already have the Predator. That be Zakares.


Electric monster …
I don’t know, but to me, Naga lies parallel (electric counterpart) to Sark Zark.
Sark … good name.
Electric counterpart for sabertooth?


Wow, he’s got logic and a good idea. :smiley:


i’m so confused :upside_down_face:


I meant that this torso would be good as a electric called Sark
As the sabertooth is a heat torso, this would be good as a energy torso

But in fact, we lack “OP” physic torsos …


I understand, very good idea, or it could be a skin like sabretooth. :grin::+1:


Find the odd one out


Who’s this panget boi?



In my opinion you could start giving the credit to the owner, even if he didn’t answered you :wink:
Second, another variant of zark? no.


Wow dude , he’s that black alien from Alien VS Predator Movie , Congratulations , i hope they add this as a titan that we can fight :v:


exactly, one of my favorite movies and I’d like it to be in the game :smiley::+1::+1:


Don’t feel sorry to edit, just credit the creators


You could call it the “ZHOOOF”

Oh yeah tactisoft don’t like zh noise


i like the idea, i just miss the model of the original ALIEN body in 2016 :disappointed_relieved:


The most has a lot of reference to the alien movie.


I reviv this cause I found this and like it