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Alright, so here is my opinion about premium…

  • First of all, why do I need ad free gameplay? Just download yourself an adblocker, and NO MORE ADS ANYWHERE!
  • Better rewards in arena… Weak players usually get low rewards in arena, so premium helps them to get normal reward… but a single day is 50 tokens. New players will usually spent it on premium boxes or color kits and players will not be able to always earn tokens in campaign.
  • Extra HP in campaign… That is a good thing, but just 20% ? Well, my mech has about 600 HP, and with premium it has about 700 HP. Jiust make it a bit better…
  • Is also pretty expensive, make it at least a bit cheaper, like 40 tokens for one day of premium…

So, ad free gameplay is useless, better reward in the arena are OK, extra HP in campaign should be like 30-35% , and it should be a bit cheaper.

  • I like this, it would be good
  • I don’t like this, is OK now
  • I don’t like this, it would make it even worse

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P. S. I noticed right when premium was added, campaign became a lot more harder. Why? To make players buy premium. But no. :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree with all you said, but I have to give you friendly advice. Dont buy premium for one day, buy one for 8 hours. Think that you will have to sleep, so 40 % of premium wasted. I buy 8 hours one, after the reset of daily task. It gives me more than 50 000 gold for 3v3 win. Thats why i always get angry when someone quits and I get nothing. So, dont quit on beggining of battle, I tell again :slight_smile: Good luck :slight_smile:
PS. change your mech, put more hp modules instead of energy ones when you play on campaign, you will have more hp :slight_smile:


it would be neat if premium also doubled your daily mission rewards and your daily login bonus.
As it is now its not worth it 1250 tokens a month to me.


Thx for you advice. :smiley:

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What is the vote on ? I don’t get it