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I am nooba


Nah, we already have extreme one shot weapons like bunker shell, scopes, and magma. We don’t need any more extreme heavy weapons.

The moment I read “I think” I thought dumb idea.

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We need shields before we get more extreme heavy weapons imo.

Come to think of it, when are the shields gonna arrive…
I’m sure last yeaar, they made a post regarding the shields.

For no reason…
Hello there
It’s already 2:30 a.m here

Why you no sleep and " i thoughts cat sleep 20 hours " you are already sweating

It’s opposite here

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Started from its opposite here ended up its opposite here .
Conclusion nothing.

Atleast i didn’t delete it this time


Counting the amount of edits you made.

Luckily you didn’t break my record.

No not this post, this one

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Still need to wait 4 hours to edit my post :upside_down_face:

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Wot why?

Trust lv1 succ

Can only edit 12 times or somethi g liek that

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Edits limit

Oh ok. Well that post is a wiki, I asked a mod to do that before I became a regular or knew how to do that.

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That sucks!