Someone tell me what the F this is

Yeah,screw this.

Looks like 12yos in this forum are getting sassy and can’t even handle themselves.


ok bye I guess…

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Still on the forums.

And I’m not going until something really bad happens.Until then,I’ll be like usual,lower-profile.

Lmao,Frantic users are gatting sassy.

Just accept the fact that you’re useless pricks and stop flagging me,fucking no-skill losers.

Are burning shower and red rain L-D’s?

yes, they are

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2 frantic mech is a fukin joke,have to agree.


Actually, Frantic Brute has a very big difference between minimal dmg and max dmg. You never know what ya’ll get!

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Oh you do, you’ll always hit for 69, they’ll always hit for at least 600


There are items likes kits that don’t count as wasted space in inventory. For instance, if you have inventory space of 100, 100 items that go on mech and 40 kits. It will give you 140/100, yet those kits are not considered inventory space.


Frantic Gays. Amazing, They’re gay as hell and I hate them

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Whats going to happen to your yt?

Yes they are gay bcuz they are jews


I’ll switch to AQW most probably.And my kind od vlogs.But I’ll never delete any SM video.

I want your account brother

If lake ever gives away his account he’ll probably give it to some old friends in the btb lounge.

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Kimi no na wa?

Kono $

Yes… that basically the solution to all the problems.

That was beautiful,mate.