Someone stole my account

I never got Impact back because it was only tethered to a SuperMechs account since on the web version, you can only tether accounts to Facebook or SuperMechs but with Facebook, the game will force you to delete your current binded account or the account you’re trying to bind if you try to bind both accounts to the same Facebook, which is why I didn’t bind Impact to Facebook while Leberect Maass is still binded. I still don’t know why or how the accounts swapped like that, but Leberecht might’ve survived because it still had the Facebook bind at the time yet Impact was either deleted by the game’s internal impulses or it ended up in the hands of another player (the account was barely a rank 18, so I wasn’t really all that attached to it).

In other words, SuperMechs cut the only retrieval plan that I had to that account.